Quantity of 12 minimum t-shirts required. $12.50 each. We keep shipping at a minimal cost to you. Once we receive your order quantity, location and logo, we will calculate shipping.

Put your USCG station specific designed logo on your t-shirts!

USCG designed logos are very detailed with multiple colors creating a higher cost. The logos are actually printed, not screened. This is a very expensive process but our dedicated printer is giving us a large discount as a former United States military veteran.

Logos should be sent to my email address at [email protected] We will take your logos and digitally enhance the quality by creating a Vector File which will stay on file for future orders. This cost has been incorporated into the price of the shirts.

Each logo will be a 4″ x 4″ circular logo which will be printed on the front breast. They look incredible! Very soft shirt.

Due to the great detail and multi colored designs Station artwork/logos must be printed on RTP cotton/material. We cannot print on moisture wicking shirts.

Please let us know the sizes and quantity of each size you prefer (x-small, small, medium, large, Xlarge, 2Xlarge):